No Parents, No Rules!

by The Rizzos

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released January 13, 2015

Megan Mancini - guitar and vocals
Bettina Warshaw - drums
Justin Ferraro - bass and vocals

Songs written by The Rizzos

Jason "Vodou" Mcintyre - recording and mixing engineer

Nenim Iwebuke - recording engineer



all rights reserved


The Rizzos Brooklyn, New York


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Track Name: Worth It
Car snowed in, trying not to freeze
Happy to earn my keep
No response to my pleas
Everyone's fed up or asleep

Take it as being kind
If no one can tell me they mind
Borrow some tears to cry
My sobs keep coming out dry

I wanna feel worth it

Catch myself stealing your thoughts
Regurgitated word for word
If I bum another cigarette
I'll only call claim to the burn

I wanna feel worth it
Track Name: Vomit Kiss
Hey baby, baby, I've been waiting all week
Come on over, plant a kiss on my cheek
Friday night, staying sober's getting tough
Hope you know you're staying over and I'm gonna keep you up

Come on, baby, gotta get here fast
I've had another shot, don't know how long I'll last
Anticipation's got the best of me
Poured another beer but maybe it was three

I've got the spins, feeling hit or miss
So if you don't hurry might give you my vomit kiss

Meet you in the door with a stumble and a hug
Passing on the joint cuz you're my only drug
I'm not a cheap date but I'm feeling spent
Think I see cupid's arrow but it's looking pretty bent
Hanging to the wall so I don't sway
Know my own two feet are gonna give me away

Kneeling to the porcelain throne
My only saving grace is that I'm already home
Don't mean to play ding-dong ditch
So if you still want it I'll give you my vomit kiss

Hey baby baby

I'm not saying that it's time to go--
On second thought maybe it's time to go...
Yeah, you should go

But I can't seem to get you out of my head
And I've got a little extra room in my bed
Give me a minute and I'll go brush up...
Maybe I spoke too soon don't think I've had enough
Track Name: Late Nights
Slowly coming to, there's a knock at the door
How long have I been lying out on the floor
Cover up the blood like a secret to keep
If I don't wake up there's no one but me

Convince myself it's not so bad
Still I know you make a scar from a scab
Spent another night staring down from the wall
The higher I get, the longer the fall

Slipping feet, slipping tongues damn sick of the shame
Sweating in my bed with a fever to tame
Hate how I've become don't know how to be
Try to place the blame but there's no one but me

The higher I get the longer the fall